Interesting extras

Juliane Brüggemann, „Position C“

Interesting extras

Here you find an overview of a various extras that might be of interest to you.

Innovative leadership models

Film portrait of five German companies

Lots of customers are interested in leadership models for the future.

Systemische Beratung Düsseldorf tracked down a film team that hit the road to portray five German companies with innovative organisational structures.

Systemische Beratung Düsseldorf participated in the crowdfunding that enabled the production of the film “Augenhöhe”. The film will be used to discuss, inspired by real examples, participative leadership in the company. “Augenhöhe” is currently being translated into a number of languages.

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Complex processes explained in an understandable manner

Guideline to the various methods of systemic consulting

Systemische Beratung in fünf Gängen
5th Edition

A team of authors answered the frequently asked question: “What is meant by systemic consulting?”

In answering this question they produced a guideline that was so well received, it was turned into a book.
The book uses the analogy of a five-course menu to explain systemic consulting. The guideline for systemic interviewing is now held in many libraries.
The practical cards that accompany the book are used by many customers.

5th Edition 2014
148 pages with 16 cartoon illustrations, € 19.99
ISBN 978-3-525-49096-9
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

Book and cards together
5th Edition 2014
148 pages with 25 cards and 16 cartoon illustrations, € 31.99
ISBN 978-3-525-49098-3
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

Facilitation explained clearly

An article from the customer’s point of view

Network linking

An article that explains facilitation from the customer’s point of view.

It depicts a large group conference held in a technology company in order to realise synergies from co-existing corporate networks.

With this compilation, certified facilitators organised in the IAF answer questions frequently asked by customers: What exactly is facilitation? What is the difference between facilitation and presenting? What benefit is gained from hiring a facilitator?

Network linking
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Robert Hartmann, „Das Daseyn, Schillers Schädel“

Business Meets Arts

A special kind of network event

75 customers and artists have the opportunity to network at a customer event hosted by Systemische Beratung Düsseldorf.

The aim is to unleash the creative potential of the weak network links.
The event offers not only an exceptional programme, but provides the participants with an exciting setting for all kinds of networking. Under the motto of “read and discuss”, the books that the participants are currently reading are used to initiate a high-quality debate.

Pdf “Read and Discuss”