Development as a learning organisation

Think holistically and act with focus

Potential development, team building, workshops or setting the future course – in success-oriented companies there are numerous projects that require organised management. Depending on the set-up and objective, very different people need to be assembled and complex issues need to be communicated in a manner that is easy to understand.

Employees often find this difficult because they do not have the tools, experience or simply the time. The key to achieving the defined objectives often lies in the advice and support of an external expert.

Systemische Beratung Düsseldorf creates with expert knowledge and sensitivity precisely the structures required to achieve the desired objective. The consulting service is provided on four different levels.

Transfer consulting

With transfer consulting, strategies are developed through a change of perspective and special questioning techniques to make the best use of individual strengths. Find out more »

Train the Trainer

The “train the trainer” method is all about learning how to pass on existing knowledge.
Find out more »

Set-up and development of high-performance teams

High-performance teams have a well-functioning mechanism of collective reflection about their own behaviour. The team members can look critically at their own behaviour and as a result they can work together very effectively. Find out more »

Management Development

The management development programmes are about improving the professionalism of managers. With a combination of group learning and individual sessions, the participants add to their repertoire of techniques for dealing in particular with complex management situations. Find out more »


As much structure as necessary and as little as possible is the motto to help groups to work efficiently and find solutions themselves. Find out more »


Lectures provide stimulus for the development of ideas tailored to the members of large groups. Complex issues are not only explained in manner that is easy to understand, but are experienced with joint reflection. Find out more »

Multi-dimensional organisational development

With multi-dimensional organisational development, first of all an analysis is conducted to find out how the system works. Find out more »

Appreciative organisational consulting

Depending on the customer issue, Systemische Beratung Düsseldorf uses appreciative organisational consulting on all of the levels mentioned above. Find out more »